Welcome to the Asiana Assembly!

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Welcome to the Asiana Assembly!

Post by President Kim (Korena) on Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:15 pm

In the Asiana Assembly, all member nations of the region of Asiana have a political voice. In the assembly, any nation of Asiana has the right to come up with a bill. In order for the bill to be formally introduced into the assembly, however, the bill MUST either get an approval from the Speaker of the Assembly, who is an elected Chairman of the Assembly, or get approvals from two other member nations. Then, the Assembly will hold a vote to see if the bill will be killed or it will be passed. If it does pass (over 50%), it goes to the President of Asiana to either be signed into a resolution, or be vetoed. If the Asiana Assembly had passed the bill with more than 2/3 votes out of the entire assembly, the president's veto is null and void.
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